Hopi HoekstraThe research enterprise is central to what we do at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. In every discipline, scholars investigate issues through archival research, fieldwork, and experimentation; meticulous synthesis and analysis; the invention of new techniques, and the development of fresh perspectives.

To learn more about resources that support research at the FAS, please see below.

Many funding opportunities are available to FAS faculty and researchers. Please see the FAS Research Administration Services website for more information on how to find funding from Harvard, private foundation, and federal sources. Some publication and professional development funds are highlighted below. Faculty may also wish to consult their department chairs or SEAS area deans, faculty colleagues, and divisional deans for advice on additional funding sources. In addition, the FAS "Spending Policy for Faculty Start-Up and Other Faculty Support Funds" is available here.

Members of the FAS are expected to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in conducting their research. Some committees that guide research conduct and the University's Institutional Review Board are listed below. (To contact the Chair of the Committee on Professional Conduct, please email

"Policies and Guidelines for FAS Researchers" contains many principles, policies, and procedures related to research.

Research integrity resources are also available to support the stewardship of strong research data, to manage conflict, communication, and/or behavioral concerns to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to allegations of research misconduct, and to foster an environment of transparency and stronger data integrity among members of a research team.

"Guidelines on Authorship and Acknowledgment" describes shared standards and promotes clear communication about authorship to prevent or resolve authorship disagreements. The "Guidelines" include an Authorship Discussion Tool to facilitate dialogue.