Academic & Administrative Contacts

FAS Academic Divisions and SEAS

For a list of academic departments, degree programs, degree committees, and areas in the FAS's Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and SEAS, please see the "Academic Divisions and SEAS" page of the FAS website.

Chairs, Area Chairs, Department Administrators, Area Directors

For a list of Chairs of FAS Departments, Degree Programs, and Degree Committees; SEAS Area Chairs; FAS Department Administrators; and SEAS Area Directors, please see this spreadsheet.

FAS Appointment & Promotion Handbook, Ch. 1, "Contact Info"

Chapter 1 of the FAS Appointment & Promotion Handbook lists a broad range of people to contact with questions about faculty hiring, reviews, promotions, leaves, and related policies and practices.

FAS Standing Committees

FAS Standing Committees perform specific functions related to the curriculum, research, administrative matters, or other non-curricular issues.

Harvard University Ombudsman Office

To discuss academic and workplace concerns in an independent, neutral, confidential environment, contact the Harvard University Ombudsman Office.