Dual-Career Assistance

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Dual Career CoupleThe Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) understands that the decision to come to Harvard is often a family decision. The FAS is dedicated to providing transitional assistance and support to partners of tenure-track and senior faculty who seek a fulfilling and enjoyable career in the area. If you are the spouse or partner of an incoming faculty member, or if your partner is under consideration for a faculty position in the FAS, we hope you will contact us as soon as you feel comfortable. We look forward to working with you through this important transition.

The Office for Faculty Development will provide support and services to you. They will consult with you on your job search strategies, help to “open doors” to the community by making introductions and connections to relevant resources and identifying opportunities both at Harvard and other institutions. The Office also arranges for informational interviewing and makes job referrals at Harvard and elsewhere. Through the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), an initiative hosted by the FAS at Harvard, the Office also works in collaboration with close to 70 institutions in the region to provide access to higher education job opportunities and to develop professional networks at member schools.

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  •   Who is eligible for dual career assistance? You are eligible to receive assistance if your spouse or partner currently holds, or is under consideration for, a tenure-track or senior faculty position in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

 •  What services do you offer? Services include resume/CV review; helping you build your professional network; and introducing you to hiring managers both within and outside Harvard. However, we recognize that all situations are unique, thus specific services vary from family to family. Once you share your interests and situation with us, we will create a specific plan tailored to your needs.

 •   Am I guaranteed a job through the program? The FAS cannot guarantee employment, create positions or give preferential treatment. However, we will assist you in finding suitable employment in the area and help you make many important connections and introductions.

 •   Although I am not an academic, can you help me find a job too? Services are available to both academic and non-academic faculty partners. The Boston-area offers a wealth of both academic- and non-academic opportunities.

 •   What is the hiring process for academic positions in the FAS? Please see the FAS Appointment and Promotion handbook available at http://academic-appointments.fas.harvard.edu/ for faculty hiring procedures.

 •   Do you only help partners find positions at Harvard? While the 10 schools that comprise Harvard University offer a wealth of both academic and non-academic employment opportunities, we are also dedicated to helping faculty partners find positions at neighboring institutions, and in the greater Boston area. The broader your job search is, the more likely it will be that you will find a suitable position quickly.

 •   When should I start my job search? As early as possible! If your partner is under consideration for a tenure-track or senior faculty position in the FAS, please contact us as soon as you feel comfortable. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information

For more information on career development assistance, please contact:    Massachusetts Hall

For partners of senior faculty:

Laura Fisher
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development

For partners of tenure-track faculty:

Zoe Fonseca-Kelly
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs